Samuel L. Jackson

| May 5, 2014


Full Name Samuel Leroy Jackson
Place of Birth Washington, D.C.
Occupation Film Actor
Birth Date December 21, 1948
Education Morehouse College
Degree Bachelor’s
Graduation Year 1972

Samuel L. Jackson was born on December 21, 1948 in Washington, D.C. and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee by his grandmother. Jackson’s entered the historically black Morehouse College in Atlanta in 1967 and became increasingly involved in the black-power movement. In 1969, his junior year, he protested the absence of blacks on the board of trustees by locking several board members in a building for two days, and was promptly expelled from the college. That same year, Jackson watched a performance by the Negro Ensemble Company and gained a new inspiration—acting. After working as a social worker for two years in Los Angeles, Jackson returned to Morehouse to pursue the study of acting and received his degree in 1972. By the age of 63 Samuel L. Jackson had appeared in more than 100 films, and in 2011 was named the highest grossing actor of all time with more than $7.2 billion in wealth.

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